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half of my blacklist is like actual tw things that give me anxiety attacks and half of it is just celebrities whose faces i am sick of

i’m not sure about this “everyone regrets who they were when they were 14” thing because when i was 14 i just did work and five years later i still do that so maybe i have to wait another couple years before the regret starts

I’m getting so anxious about everything that I can’t watch new episodes of tv shows or see movies in the theatre help how do I fix this

I’ve been writing stuff about people in my book wanting a war to be over by Christmas but then I just realized there’s no such thing as Christmas in this goddamn universe I made up

you may think that getting your parents hooked on fandoms might be interesting, but now I can’t watch the Harry Potter marathon because my dad is recording Doctor Who on another channel

biggest problem ever with a lot of badass girls in movies: the ones who leave their hair down while flipping around and saving the world and kicking ass. ¬†i can’t even do homework with my hair down

contrary to popular belief i actually do understand video games and i think they’re pretty cool but listening to someone talk about the game they played last night is approximately 20,450 times less interesting than¬†watching someone play a video game, which is only about 24% as fun as playing the game yourself

should i take the class about sea battles before 1815 or the class that might teach me how to talk to other human beings?

this version of Game of Thrones that I’m watching doesn’t subtitle the Dothraki and so I’m just sort of making up dialogue in my head based on their actions.

just stole a ton of flavored coffee creamers from AU so now I’ll have vanilla lattes all week